Why Paradox Wealth?

About Mr. and Mrs. Paradox Wealth

Hi. We are a married dual physician couple with a special interest in financial independence, family budgeting, investing, and living our best life. In this, our inaugural entry, in what we hope will become A Thing, we’d like to explain a little bit about who we are, why we’re doing this, and what we think you can get out of it.

Mr. Paradox Wealth (PW) is a neurologist, science and space aficionado, and general geek. Mrs. PW is a family practitioner, fitness junkie, and avid knitter. We both share a passion for our two young daughters, cooking, and being outdoors whenever possible. We met over Mr. PW’s dead body (in anatomy lab) and married near the end of medical school. The fallout from our decision to practice medicine – namely, a crushing albatross of massive student loan debt – forced us to learn to manage our finances as a family with a little more urgency than we had expected going in to all this. After jointly blundering ahead on personal finance autopilot for a few years, Mr. PW discovered the Boglehead forums: a community dedicated to the investment philosophy of Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard and essentially the inventor of the index fund. From there, Mr. PW started spending most of his extracurricular time learning about personal finance and investing from various books and blogs, notably the White Coat Investor (WCI) and related websites.

Mrs. PW developed her passion for this stuff after we seriously considered buying our first house and were forced to do a deep dive into our student loan debt, cash flow, and fixed expenses. How much mortgage could we realistically afford, not just be approved for? She read The Millionaire Next Door and it changed her perspective on basically every aspect of the daily financial decisions we made as a family. Mrs. PW looked at monthly expenses that could be cut and opportunities for extra revenue. She started following financial groups on Facebook and talking about creating a family Investor Personal Statement (IPS; little did she know Mr. PW revised it two years ago).

Eventually the two of us spent most of our “wind-down time” at night (after the little ones’ bedtimes) reading about finance and investing, and participating in online forums such as Bogleheads and the WCI. Inspired in part by WCI, we realized that we were spending so much free time in this world of family financial planning, investment, and financial independence, we should probably write about it together. We already spend a fair amount of time discussing this stuff with our friends and offering informal advice. Why not do this on a larger scale for more people? We figured that our unique niche could be as a professional couple, offering personal finance advice geared towards families and couples, from the perspective of one. Also, one of us is a woman, and we both share a passion for gender equality in all aspects of life, especially economically.

You may know people who seem to be in the upper echelons of society based on their displays of conspicuous consumption. The new doctor closing on a giant McMansion. The law school graduate who lands a coveted Biglaw job a few days before she drives home in her new Bimmer. The software engineer who is always posting pictures from lavish overseas resorts. The secret truth is that these people are rarely as financially secure as the image they seem to project. Most, despite their outward extravagance, are definitely under-accumulators of wealth. It doesn’t have to be this way!

We started Paradox Wealth to talk about some of the easy ways for young professionals to not be stupid with their money. It’s our dream to help improve the lives of other young professionals, and to make this blog a mentally and financially rewarding experience for ourselves, too. Hopefully this becomes a hobby that at least pays for itself. Regardless of making a profit off this venture, we hope to learn and get excited about it enough to focus on our energy on clawing our way up to a net worth of zero (and beyond!) sooner than later.


Why “Paradox Wealth”

The name was tough to pick. We settled on “Paradox” because that’s what we are – a “pair of docs.” But the name was also informed by the awful paradox of many young professionals – that those people with the highest earning potential are often those with the worst financial health. I’m sure most people assume that we, as a two-physician family, are rolling in the dough. But going into medicine ain’t what it used to be, and we probably have the lowest net worth of any of our group of friends.

We focused on “wealth” rather than just “money” or “finance” because it seemed to encompass more of the big picture of prosperity than only focusing on material possessions or money. Being “wealthy” is possible through so many different roads that it seems restrictive to limit it to just net worth. Part of what we hope to focus on here is the idea of redefining wealth and prosperity in your own terms, and realizing your own unique vision in the fullest way possible.

This blog is intended to help you. We hope to connect you to ideas, people, and companies that help you make the best decisions for your life, your family, and your money. Because of our background, we feel that we can connect with other young families and young professionals, though the ideas we’ll explore will be universal. We aim to help you learn something new, reevaluate your lifestyle and financial choices, not do stupid things with your money, and live your best life.


Before the sun sets on our first year as a blog, we hope to have checked off these goals:

  • More than 1,000 unique site visits
  • Post at least two new posts per week
  • Have a positive cash flow
  • Meet someone new in the world of blogging or personal finance
  • Have fun doing all this


Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to leave comments below to say hi, offer suggestions, or share your own experiences.

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