About Paradox Wealth

Paradox Wealth is a blog dedicated to encouraging healthy financial habits among young professionals. The paradox refers to the fact that the people in our society with the most education, earning potential, and upward mobility are too frequently those with the poorest financial health. Paradox also references the “pair of docs” who are the creators of this blog – a married couple of physicians with children who have learned some difficult lessons about wealth through their shared life experience. We believe we have a unique perspective to offer in the world of personal finance because we are dual contributors sharing our views independently and together, and we focus on the interface between family, gender, relationships, and financial health. Paradox is who we are, and wealth – in all its various manifestations – is what we write about.

Read more about us and the origin of Paradox Wealth here.

About us

We met in 2006 in medical school over Mr. PW’s dead body (in gross anatomy lab). Our family has grown by 2 kids and 1 dog, and our happy family spends most of its free time outdoors. Mr. PW is a neurologist and Mrs. PW is a family practitioner. With several hundred thousand dollars in school debt, we are focused on financial independence (FI), yet we have a long way to go before we get there. We stumbled into the world of personal finance and FI out of necessity and have made our share of mistakes along the way. We hope to share what we continue to learn with you for many years, as we claw our way up to a neutral net worth and eventually financial independence.

Our Mission

  1. To help young professionals stop doing stupid stuff with their money.
  2. Improve our financial health through our own continuing financial self-education and from revenue from this website.
  3. Have fun!